VGOD E-Juice Free Base (e-liquid) UAE

VGOD E-Juice is a godsend for those who use reusable PODs and like a lot of steam, performing a variety of tricks. The presented juices are perfect for small and medium power devices. They differ from their counterparts by their well thought-out composition, which includes only quality components and natural flavourings. The vapour in these mixes has a rich taste and a pleasant, long aftertaste. When vaping, the vapour hits your throat gently and pleasantly. The strength of the offered liquid is 6%.

You can buy VGOD POD and E-Juice in Dubai from our online shop. We offer original formulations purchased from the manufacturer. All products have certificates of compliance. Possible delivery of purchases in the regions of the UAE. Questions about products please ask our managers.

How They Differ

VGOD E-Juice have been specifically designed for those who do not want to give up the rich taste for the sake of a large amount of vapor and strength compositions. The liquids are suitable for refilling reusable vapes from various brands. The only condition is a medium or small capacity of batteries and heating elements. In such devices, the aroma of the produced smoke is best revealed.

SaltNic Lab does the blending for the VGOD brand. They pay particular attention to the composition and ingredients that go into the juices for e-cigarettes. Preference is given to safe and eco-friendly ingredients as well as natural flavours.

The nicotine content of the brand's liquids is up to 6%. This is a high value, which is not suitable for beginners or connoisseurs of light vaping. But the rich and heavy smoke will appeal to experienced vapers and those who are just transitioning to reusable PODs from regular cigarettes. The same juices are used for refilling VGOD Stig which you can also buy from us.

The juices come in plastic bottles, up to 60ml. Models are available with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Detailed technical details can be found in the descriptions of each product or ask our consultants for help.

Available Flavours VGOD E-Juice UAE

The main difference of liquids of the brand from analogues - qualitatively selected flavour combinations. Among them you will find classic and original solutions, which are embodied in four main ranges:


Tobacco of different varieties and processing methods.


Berries - forest fruits, strawberries etc.


Fruit - apple, grape, etc.


Refreshing - menthol, mint, ice etc.

The collection of flavours is regularly updated with new products and original combinations. Among them you will always find something for you and according to your own expectations. 

Benefits of VGOD E-Juice

Number 1

High-quality, certified ingredients.

Number 2

Natural flavours, full-bodied flavour.

Number 3

High strength of the formulations - 6%.

Number 4

Suitable for vaping and vaping tricks.

Number 5

Can be used with many devices.

Number 6

Large range of flavors.

There are other products of the brand in our catalogue. In particular you can buy VGOD Pod 1K, VGOD Stig etc.