Questions about VGOD POD and VGOD E-Juice

Not only do we sell VGOD POD devices and E-Juice, we also provide all the information our customers need. Below are some of the most common questions you may have when looking for the right vape or e-cig liquid for your e-cigarette.

Does a vape help me to quit smoking?

A disposable vape is a convenient replacement for regular cigarettes. You can get the right dose of nicotine and the pleasure of smoking with less harm to your health and in a more convenient format. You can only quit using tobacco products yourself.

Do I need to take care of my VGOD?

No. Our catalogue only includes the disposable VGOD POD 1K and VGOD Stig. They are already loaded with charged batteries and juice cartridges. Each is designed for a certain period of operation, after which the devices are simply disposed of. It is not recommended to disassemble them, attempt to charge them or pour liquids into the containers. Damage to the casing will inevitably result in damage to the internal components.

Is vaping dangerous for humans?

The main danger, according to many customers, comes from the liquids used for refuelling. But it is worth noting that such formulations are exclusively liquid-based. Heating it does not produce dangerous smoke with resins or combustion products that are found in conventional tobacco products. VGOD SaltNic contains only pure nicotine without any added impurities and resins.

But it is worth noting that E-Juice and SaltNic are still unhealthy because they contain nicotine. If you are contraindicated to such products and are allergic to them, avoid using the devices and using tobacco products.

How are VGOD fluids different from others?

In our catalogue you will find two product lines VGOD E-Juice and VGOD SaltNic. Both are designed for filling a small vape. They differ from each other in terms of composition and mixing technology, which was developed by SaltNic Lab. The E-Juice range, for example, is a classic formulation based on natural and synthetic ingredients. When they evaporate, they form a thick vapour. The strength of the blends does not exceed 6%. SaltNic liquids are based on salt nicotine. It produces a more interesting and full-bodied flavor as well as a better vapor. 

Natural or synthetic certified flavourings are added to the blends to produce a particular flavour. The flavours are carefully selected to produce a truly great result. 

How calculated are the VGOD vape and liquids?

The service life depends on the individual parameters of each product range:

  • VGOD Stig - for about 300 puffs, which replaces one pack of regular cigarettes.
  • VGOD POD 1K - designed for 1000 puffs, so it will last at least 7 days. The exact number depends on the intensity of use.
  • VGOD E-Juice - comes in 30 ml and 60 ml packs. This is an impressive volume, enough for multiple refills.
  • VGOD SaltNic - also sold in 30 ml bottles. If used slowly and evenly, it can be used for a long period of time.

In all cases, the life depends on the intensity of your smoking and the strength of your inhalation. 

What flavours does VGOD offer?

VGOD focuses a lot of attention on creating quality liquids and memorable flavours. We mostly have classic solutions and flavours that will be in demand from beginners and experienced vapers alike. But there are also a number of original options for connoisseurs of unconventional experiences. 

In particular, the catalogue features liquids and disposable vape flavours:

  • Fruity - mango, grape, etc;
  • Berry;
  • Tobacco - different types of tobacco in different processing;
  • Desserts;
  • Refreshing - with mint or menthol, but without a harsh aftertaste;
  • Original - fruit lollipops, etc.

VGOD's range of flavours is constantly changing and new offerings appear.

Can I use a VGOD disposable vape indoors?

As the devices have no unpleasant tobacco odour and the steam they produce does not affect the fire extinguishing systems in buildings, it can be used indoors. Only in the case of strong and smoky models will those around you take notice. 

Can I change any settings in the VGOD vape?

No. All functions are set during production and cannot be changed during use. You will also not find any control buttons on the body. All you have to do to turn the device on is inhale. 

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact our managers.