VGOD SaltNic Vape Juice UAE

VGOD SaltNic are original liquids designed for refilling small and low-power POD systems. The juices are made on the basis of salt nicotine and natural flavourings. The nicotine content varies from 25 to 50 mg. They produce a nice, thick vapor and can be used to do simple tricks. The main distinctive feature is the rich, natural taste without any chemical additives and the memorable aftertaste. The formulations are designed for those who are just transitioning from regular cigarettes to vaping and for experienced vapers who are looking for a fun smoking experience.

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What It Is and What Makes It Special

VGOD SaltNic is formulated by SaltNic Lab, which uses only natural ingredients and pays great attention to finding unique, colourful combinations. The main feature of the products in this series is the salt nicotine base. This is a safer formulation, not inferior in quality and performance to ordinary juices.

Another advantage of VGOD SaltNic as well as VGOD E-Juice is its rich and unique flavour. The use of natural flavours and their synthetic analogues enables the brand to offer its customers a truly memorable juice. You will feel all the nuances of tobacco or fruit when you smoke it. The vapour hits your throat gently and pleasantly, leaving a long, but unobtrusive aftertaste.

The liquids based on saline nicotine are used with small and low-power devices and give a good amount of vapor. Formulations with a 45VG/55PG ratio are optimal for vaping and performing various vaping tricks. The nicotine content and strength varies - there are 25 and 50 mg. The liquids are supplied in plastic tubes in the form of pencils with a straight drip. Tanks capacity is 30 ml.

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VGOD SaltNic Flavors

When creating the flavors, the brand gave preference to classic flavors that would appeal to experienced vapers and beginners. Among them you will find:


Ice Bomb is a line of fresh flavours with various sweet and spicy additions.

Cigar Line

Cigar Line is a series dedicated to tobacco of different types and processing methods. It has a clean tobacco flavour, which will especially appeal to those looking to give up regular cigarettes.


Dessert - flavours of various desserts from different parts of the world.

Lush Line

Lush Line - it includes original mixes. For example, Watermelon Candy, which gives you a pleasantly refreshing taste of watermelon with hints of caramel sweetness.

Bomb Line

Bomb Line is a line of fruit liquids that will win you over with its succulence and natural flavours.

Among the variants, you can always find something for you. The range is regularly updated with new combinations.

Benefits of VGOD SaltNic

Number 1

Formulations based on salt nicotine.

Number 2

Nicotine content of 25 and 50 mg.

Number 3

Suitable for vaping and vaping tricks.

Number 4

Great variety of flavors.

Number 5

Easy to use and easy to fill vape.

Number 6

Natural and safe ingredients and flavors.

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